Black Outdoor Rug - Elements

Elements Black Outdoor Rug in PP - 180 x 270 cm

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The Elements Black Outdoor Rug is an eye-catching and modern addition to any room, inside or out and a feature of our stunning outdoor rug collection. Featuring a simple, oversized diamond...


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The Elements Black Outdoor Rug is an eye-catching and modern addition to any room, inside or out and a feature of our stunning outdoor rug collection. Featuring a simple, oversized diamond pattern in a monochrome palette, this luxe and on-trend rug is sure to be a stylish highlight in any home.

Experience the perfect blend of style, warmth, and practicality with our premium quality polypropylene rugs. From outdoor gatherings to cosy indoor spaces, our rugs are the ideal choice for adding a touch of comfort and sophistication to your surroundings.

Crafted from recycled polypropylene straws, these rugs showcase our commitment to sustainability while providing you with exceptional durability and comfort.

Our rugs are tightly woven, ensuring strength and longevity, making them perfect for high-traffic areas and busy households.

Whether placed on your patio, deck, or in your living room, these rugs offer a touch of elegance and colour to any setting. With a range of vibrant, natural hues and patterns to choose from, you can effortlessly find the perfect match for your personal style.

We understand the importance of maintaining the beauty of your outdoor decor, which is why our rugs are UV treated. This treatment provides excellent protection against deterioration caused by sun exposure. Additionally, our rugs are weather resistant, allowing them to withstand various outdoor elements such as rain, heat, mildew and heavy foot traffic.

The reversible pattern allows you to switch up the look of your space effortlessly. Simply flip the rug over to invert the colours, giving you the flexibility to change your decor to suit your mood or season.

Maintaining our rugs is easy! Thanks to their water-resistant nature, they can be easily cleaned by hosing off any spills or dirt. This hassle-free maintenance ensures that your rug stays in top-notch condition, even with frequent use.

Key benefits of the Elements Black Outdoor Rug:

- 100% UV Treated Polypropylene

- 100% Recyclable

- Water Resistant

- Mould & Mildew Resistant

- Indoor/Outdoor

- Reversible


180 x 270cm

Warranty & Care

12 month warranty - please retain your invoice for proof of purchase.

Delivery & Returns

Dispatch will be 24 hours after order. You will receive tracking data once available. For out of stock items you will be contacted with an ETA before we process your order. We offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


Care Instructions

Caring for outdoor rugs is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain their appearance. By following these steps, you can keep your outdoor rugs in excellent condition:

• Regular Cleaning: Start by removing loose dirt and debris from the outdoor rugs using a brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner. This step helps prevent dirt from embedding into the fibres.

• Spot Cleaning: If you notice any stains or spills on the outdoor rugs, address them promptly. Blot the affected area with a clean cloth or sponge to remove as much of the stain as possible. Avoid rubbing, as it can push the stain further into the fabric. For stubborn stains, you may use a mild detergent mixed with water. Test the detergent on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't cause any discoloration or damage. After spot cleaning, rinse the area thoroughly with clean water and let it air dry.

• Deep Cleaning: Periodically, give your outdoor rugs a thorough cleaning. They can be hand washed with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage the fabric. Rinse the rugs thoroughly and allow them to air dry.

• Storing During Inclement Weather: To protect your outdoor rugs from harsh weather conditions, it's advisable to roll them up and store them when not in use. If possible, bring the rugs indoors or store them in a dry, covered area such as a shed or garage.

• UV Protection: Providing shade or using patio umbrellas can help minimize direct sun exposure and extend the lifespan of your outdoor rugs.

• Preventive Measures: To prevent excessive wear and tear, avoid placing heavy objects on the outdoor rugs or dragging heavy furniture across them. Encourage guests to remove items like shoes with sharp objects on the soles before walking on the rugs. Also, avoid dragging or pulling furniture across the rugs, as this can cause abrasion and fraying.

• Regular Shaking and Beating: Outdoor rugs can accumulate dust and debris over time. To maintain their freshness, periodically shake them out and give them a good beating to dislodge dirt and debris trapped in the fibres.

By following these care instructions, you can enjoy your outdoor rugs for many seasons to come. Remember, preventive maintenance, regular cleaning, and proper storage are key to preserving their appearance and functionality.