2022 Outdoor Design Trends

As we dive head first into 2022 we wanted to take a look at the emerging trends surrounding the outdoor space and where we and other industry style leaders see things going. Over the past 6 months a number of new colour directions have begun to evolve making for a very exciting year!

Rise up from the Earth

Traditional earthy colours are stamping their authority in the outdoor space presenting soft browns, leather, terracotta and rust providing a new foundation for 2022. Similarly, nature inspired colours that complement these earthy foundations have appeared with many of our commercial clients requesting warmth and ambiance for projects. Collections such as Salt Sun Sand’s Outback Series and Soul Series draw inspiration from such natural elements.

Nature inspired outdoor spaces are helping us reconnect in a world of uncertainty making the home and outdoor space a sanctuary where one can unwind in order to reenergise for the following day. Soft and soothing greens compliment this shift coupled with mineral inspired prints and designs. Our in house exterior stylist has created three nature inspired looks to take away the stress of you having to create your own.

The bold, vivid colours combine to form ‘Seasons’ offering a moody eco style for your space. Soft, subtle greens have been anchored with deep solids to achieve the look of ‘Elegance’. Finally, we have a return to nature with the gorgeous earthy tones of ‘Island Indulgence’.