Take A Holiday In Your Own Backyard - 3 Internationally Inspired Themes to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Summer is here! The smell of freshly cut grass, chlorine soaked children, flies buzzing and the gentle waft of neighbours barbecuing is among us. In a pre Covid world we would all be getting ready to set off around Australia or even the world on holiday but we are in different times so let’s make the most of it and take a holiday in our own backyard!

To help out we have created three internationally inspired themes to help take you away whilst sitting in the comfort of your very own outdoor space.

Destination 1 – Hawaii

If you are thinking tropical then there is no better destination theme than Hawaii where the water is crystal clear, the sand is golden and the weather is fine! Create the look by building your space around our Daintree Dreaming Wall Art and add to this with our bright and playful Bondi Daintree Delight or the Bondi Feeling Green. Solid block colours like Black and Navy can be used as support colours to round off your tropical theme!

Destination 2 – Amalfi

Welcome to the village of Amalfi where the warm, still ocean laps the vibrant Italian shore. Slurp on a fresh Gelato while taking in the sights and dip your toes into the gorgeous Mediterranean waters. Create the look by building around our Amalfi 1 Outdoor Wall Art and add to this with bright, bold pops of colour using Bondi Rainbow Lemonade, and Bondi Rock Pools

Destination 3 – Mykonos

It’s time to meander through winding streets whilst admiring the gorgeous Mediterranean architecture and tasting the local delicacies along the way. Ok ok put your cocktail down and let’s decorate! Create the look by building around our Mykonos Greece Outdoor Wall Art and support this with our Mediterranean inspired cushions Bondi Mood Blue, Bondi Sundance and Bondi Porto Paradise! Encompassing all of Mykonos traditional colours and design.

Whatever your destination, we hope you enjoy your outdoor space as much as we enjoy decorating it with you!