Christmas Outdoor Styling Tips

You’ve just looked at your watch and then doubled back to see the words November… No way! Could it be true? This must be a dream! You are absolutely certain it is April and then you decide to confirm with Google and the anxiety starts to set in. It’s almost Christmas and you haven’t started anything! It’s cool, you’ve got this. The phone rings and it’s mum cheerily nominating your house for Christmas lunch where Uncle Norm is introducing his latest girlfriend to the family and Aunty Gladys is bringing her extended family because “we should all be together during this special family occasion”. Panic is starting to take over and you realise your outdoor area looks like it could be set in a movie about the apocalypse. You don’t have endless funds to spend to revamp this tired space but then you remember an Insta ad that harassed you showcasing some pretty cool outdoor art and cushions from Salt Sun Sand and you think to yourself, crisis over!

To avoid the dreaded Uncle Norm and Aunty Gladys casting their judging eyes over your outdoor area we have created a number of styling options for you to choose from taking the hassle out of your outdoor revamp! Our in house stylist and buying team have created a collection for every colour base to compliment your space. Each stylist pack comes with 5 hand selected cushions for you to build a foundation around. If you need to add to the pack, no problem, simply build from the existing theme and add your own flair!

Now you have the lounge space covered, what about dining? Our Salt Sun Sand Tahiti Collection offers a huge array of chair pads in rounded and square shapes as well as sling chair base and high back pads designed to fit almost all chair types! It’s easy to match with your existing lounge cushions or try something totally different! There are no rules when it comes to your space. Do what works for you!

Last but certainly not least, we need to spruce up the walls! Ageing brick or tired fences can be brought to life with Salt Sun Sand’s Inside | Out Collection of Outdoor UV Art. Designed to go anywhere outside or inside and built to last. Each theme has been designed to be displayed in pairs offering a striking design alternative. If you don’t have the space, simply order your fave!

You are now ready for Christmas Lunch or Dinner and from all of us here at Salt Sun Sand, Merry Christmas to Uncle Norm and Aunty Gladys!