Commercial Quality Outdoor Cushions - Find Out Why Designers Choose Us First

There are literally millions of cushion designs available throughout Australia so cracking this massive market sounds daunting. Let’s find out why the team from Salt Sun Sand are gaining popularity in the commercial outdoor design sector and what is different about their collections.

Designs Hand Selected by Designers for Designers

Our buying team are qualified interior/exterior designers who have in excess of 20 years experience in product sourcing and development. They apply this experience to monitor and evaluate emerging trends to ensure that each collection meets the market’s seasonal demands and needs. Advanced modelling techniques are applied to study global trends and then adjusted to suit the unique Australian market. Something that works in America or the UK isn’t guaranteed to suit our localised market so it’s important to asses historical data and to understand the requirements of our market in terms of existing and emerging architecture and design trends. 10 years ago the Australian market was known to run at least a year behind that of the UK but that is no longer the case. With the availability of instant knowledge at our fingertips, trends that are emerging before our eyes can be adopted, developed and brought to market quicker than ever before allowing Australian outdoor designers to lead the world in exterior design.

Size Does Matter (Range of Cushions that is)

Salt Sun Sand continue to add to their collection and currently hold one of the biggest outdoor cushion and artwork collections in Australia. The feedback from the designers and stylists that use our collection is that there is something for absolutely every colour palette and or theme. This variety has lead designers back time and time again to use the collection as a one stop shop for outdoor cushions and artwork. No matter what the theme, Salt Sun Sand carry everything from Palm Springs to Hamptons.

Quality isn’t Everything, it’s Everything

Nothing tests product quality like the commercial sector! Constant use and abuse can lead to quality issues quickly if manufacturer’s have cut corners to achieve a price point. At Salt Sun Sand we have started with quality and worked backwards to ensure that our collection isn’t just trending but able to withstand anything that our harsh climate and customer use can throw at it. Restaurants such as Ole in Southbank have chosen to include our collection in recent upgrades. The group has already tested our quality at their sister location Nonna’s Pizza and Deli and plan to utilise them in future upgrades at other locations. It’s vital that we invest in quality that can accommodate these needs to ensure an ongoing relationship.

The Price has to be Right

Outdoor cushions and wall art are an extremely affordable way of sprucing up a location with a minimal outlay. Property Stylists, Aged Care Facilities, Resorts, Restaurants, Hotels and Event Managers from all over Australia recognise the value offered by Salt Sun Sand and our relationships in these sectors are ongoing. Quick, affordable options make life easy for these commercial clients and add value to each job they tender.