How to Decorate the Walls of your Wet or Exposed Areas

How do you decorate the walls of an area exposed to the elements? What can survive on the wall of a bathroom to give the space a lift without attracting mould and mildew? The struggle is real. Salt Sun Sand has been providing wall decoration ideas for 20 years but it hasn’t been until now that they have been able to withstand the elements!

Balcony and Patio Walls

Decorating external walls can add that perfect finish to your outdoor space creating an appealing ambience and design feature. Historically, the only options available were canvas and metal wall art where dust, grime and other pollutants could attach causing the feature to lose appeal. Our customers continued to ask for outdoor art that could be cleaned with ease and wouldn’t deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements. Rather than accept that there wasn’t anything suitable on the market we decided to research and design something that was. Salt Sun Sand’s Inside | Out Collection was born opening up a world of possibilities for decorating these difficult areas without the stress of having to protect them! Our outdoor art collection has been designed using PVC marine grade expansion sheet with UV ink applied ensuring it won’t fade or perish in direct sunlight and weather. To top it off, the outdoor art has been framed using powder coated aluminium removing the chance of corrosion and rust!

Bathroom Applications

Wet areas such as bathrooms constantly attract mould due to the exposure to steam and water. Our Inside | Out outdoor art collection has been designed to offset this risk and can be cleaned using a soft cloth and warm soapy water to remove any dirt, grim and mould that may attach through exposure. It’s hard to believe that there is a product that you can actually remove from the wall and wash with you in the shower to hang up again ready to shine bright like a diamond!