Our Quality Promise

The Internet is littered with “amazing” products that offer the “best” quality at the most “affordable” price. It’s becoming easier to take quality images with heavy filters making it almost impossible to tell what’s actually good quality or what is going to turn up nothing like what you ordered. Our team have been designing and supplying cushions for 20 years with quality as our number one priority. The only negative is that we haven’t figured out a way for you to touch, feel and experience our collection online so we have introduced a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee so that you can return your purchase for a full refund if you aren’t 110% happy with what you receive! If you are happy then you can transfer us a giant tip! (jokes)

Why are our cushions the best? Well, sit down because this is going to take a while…

Our cushions are created from Spun Polyester weatherproof fabric and fast dry foam to ensure you get the look without sacrificing the feel! Spun polyester is woven from 100% solution dyed polyester fabric manufactured to resist fading from UV exposure whilst offering stain and water repellence. Each fibre is dyed in a colour solution prior to being woven ensuring the ultimate in colour fastness! The solution dyeing process is extremely efficient, using little water or energy making it an environmentally friendly process. Spun polyester fabric is resistant to UV damage and fading and contains excellent ultraviolet blocking agents which protect the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of UV radiation.

All of our fabrics are SGS tested. SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance (French for General Society of Surveillance)) is a Swiss multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. The core services offered by SGS include the inspection and verification of the quantity, weight and quality of traded goods, the testing of product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards, and to make sure that products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards set by governments, standardization bodies or by SGS customers.

Our collection has been engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. The fabric is tactile yet durable, has industry-leading environmental characteristics, is easy to care for and offers long life – wherever it’s used. We pride ourselves in working from the customer backwards to ensure we deliver the best premium quality product for you. We will not sacrifice quality for price, but we will make sure you get the best quality at the best price. 

Each design is made up of a 230 gsm UV Coating and is filled with a 480 gram Foam Inner. We have noticed that a number of other retailers sell covers only and the cushion inner is extra. Why? Why would you want a cushion cover without an inner? We didn’t get it either so rest easy that ALL of our cushions come with inners as standard! In addition, we have double sided patterns ensuring that your cushion always looks its’ best no matter what way it is facing!

We would like to invite you to enjoy the Salt Sun Sand difference. Welcome to the family! 😊