Our Story

Salt Sun Sand has evolved from over 20 years of research and development in the outdoor furniture and homewares industry! Australia has one of the highest UV rates in the world and can range from bone dry to tropical humidity from north to south and east to west. From this research we have discovered what is required to deliver quality outdoor products to a market where the elements are some of the harshest globally.

The concept was born in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 where we noticed the importance of our family unit and what that meant to us as a nation. We feel that there has been a strong return to simple family life and the home has once again become our sanctuary. Australian’s have looked to renovate, redecorate and invigorate their homes and outdoor spaces and we are here to help compliment that movement.

 At Salt Sun Sand we pride ourselves on quality and style. All collections are hand selected and drawn from emerging global trends then filtered to suit our very own Australian style. Feedback is essential to our development so please know that we are listening and adapting daily to what you are asking for.