The Ultimate Guide to Buying Outdoor Cushions

Styling outdoor spaces has become increasingly popular with the emergence of TV series like The Block and Selling Houses Australia quickly becoming our go to when looking for inspiration. Leading designers like Shayna Blaze have introduced us to the world of the decorative cushion and how it can instantly transform your space with minimal financial outlay. The truth is that you don’t have to be trained in design to achieve the latest look you just need to follow our guide below before deciding to choose the very best outdoor cushions for your area.

Measuring Up

It’s important to find the right balance when dressing your outdoor area as too many outdoor cushions can suffocate your space and alternatively too few can look awkward and present as an after thought to what should be a statement area of the home.

If you are styling outdoor lounge furniture we have found that the following rule gives you the absolute best look whilst not compromising accessibility and comfort. Simply apply the same amount of cushions per piece as the amount of seats on the lounge! If you have a 3 Seater Lounge then add 3 decorative outdoor cushions, if you have a 2 Seater Lounge then add 2 decorative outdoor cushions and so on!

Facilitating Flow

It’s important not to treat your outdoor space as an after thought but as an extension of your main living areas. Experts in outdoor often refer to the outdoor and alfresco areas as the “outdoor room” meaning that it should be decorated as such! To ensure that you facilitate flow between the indoors and out be sure to select similar colour accents found inside the home when adding any decorative items. Try to find a foundation colour palette and build from this adding statement colours or complimentary colours as you go!


Quality, Comfort and Style

When we think outdoors we are instantly drawn to thoughts of relaxing days spent outside soaking in the sun whilst sipping our favourite drink and nibbling on our favourite treats. It’s important not to lose sight of this goal when investing in quality, comfort and style. Outdoor cushions can vary dramatically between each of these areas so it’s important that you purchase a product that you can rely on. Salt Sun Sand’s Bondi and Tahiti collection cover all 3 of these important aspects and therefore are an easy choice when selecting your outdoor styles. Thousands of customers around Australia and Internationally have invested in these collections but that’s not enough for the team at Salt Sun Sand. In addition, a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee* on all purchases is offered to give you piece of mind when making your choice.

Protection and Care

Like any investment it’s important to maintain care to ensure the longevity and lifespan of each cushion. To optimise the life of your cushions, we recommend that they not be over exposed to long hours of sunlight or harsh elements. We have listed an easy to follow checklist to apply to ensure that you get the very best out of your outdoor cushions for years to come!

Follow these easy care instructions;

  • Brush off loose dirt and dust regularly when dry
  • Remove stains promptly to prevent permanent marking.
  • To clean, soak cushion covers in Napisan soaker or the equivalent.
  • For spot stain removal, vigorously apply and rub Sunlight Soap or the equivalent.
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Remove red wine immediately by soaking up with household bicarbonate soda and vacuuming off once dry (return to couch to finish bottle...)
  • Do not use solvent type cleaners
  • Hand wash only

Now it’s time to find your favourite book, drop some ice into your favourite beverage and sink into your favourite outdoor lounge with your new favourite outdoor cushions!